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Timekettle M2 translator earbuds Introduction

Timekettle M2 is a more versatile AI translation device. It has the function of TWS (true wireless Bluetooth headset), which has been popular in recent years. At the same time, combined with Timekettle ’s patented technology in AI voice translation, it realizes “simultaneous interpretation while speaking”. It supports online translation in 40 languages ​​and offline translation in 6 languages.

There are three modes of time-space pot flipping:

In the simultaneous interpretation mode, both parties wear the same earphones, tap to start using, and translate while speaking to achieve the effect of simultaneous interpretation, which is suitable for long-term conversations in business meetings and travel.

In the listening and translation mode, one party wears the headset, and the mobile phone continuously receives the external sound and transmits it to the headset in real time.

In the external mode, one party wears the headset, and the other party uses the mobile phone for two-way dialogue translation, which is suitable for short-frequency fast communication occasions.

The three modes cover the diverse needs of many life and work scenarios such as overseas travel, business office, meeting records, lectures and interviews. In addition, the demand for daily entertainment scenarios such as music, calls, and voice assistants has also been increased.

"For a long time, Time Maker has focused on deeper translation and communication scenarios - higher-frequency scenarios such as business, foreign language practice, and cross-border family communication. Therefore, this year's epidemic has caused the global outbound travel demand to plummet, and the demand for translation equipment has increased. We have more confidence to get through this difficult time.” When asked about the impact of the global epidemic on the translation equipment industry, founder Tian Li replied.

Focusing on Bluetooth communication and recognition technology, Time-Space Pot has a comprehensive layout of voice + Bluetooth communication + machine translation and other technical fields. After 3 years of precipitation, it has more than 20 domestic and foreign technology patents.

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